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getservervariable all_http data area passed to a system call is too small


We get this error several times per day in the event log. Usaually, the request just hangs when this occurs, which is a seperate issue about the error handling. I believe that the 1024 byte buffer is simply not large enough to store all the data in the all_http server variable.

Here is the error in the event viewer app log:

Unable to get server variable 'ALL_HTTP'
The data area passed to a system call is too small.
Filename: .\helper.cpp
Line: 16
Function: void __cdecl Helper_T::GetServerVariable(struct _HTTP_FILTER_CONTEXT *,char ,char ,int *)

I believe the simple fix is to just increase the size of this variable in Nativemethods.cpp:
internal const int SF_FIXEDBUFFER = 0x400; //1024 bytes

Is anyone else using this filter seeing this error? I have not seen any updates to this software. Are there plans to keep it updated? Support for iis 7 and .net 3? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.